VESA Bus Multi-IO cards

From: Chris <>
Date: Sat Dec 29 23:46:46 2001

If anyone is interested, I saw in at the local thrift store 4, what
appear to be brand new, Data Technology DTC2278V2 VESA Local Bus Multi IO
Cards. They have two serial, 1 parallel, FDC and IDE.

I think the price was $10.00 per card (I didn't write down the price in
my infinite wisdom, and I saw them about 6 hours ago, so like most of the
rest of my day, the info is slipping out of my head... but I think it was

I don't care about making money off them, so the cards will be actual
price (price + 6% NJ tax), plus shipping. Figure they will be about 1 lb
when packed, shipping from 07450.

If anyone wants me to pick one up, let me know (I remember there was a
VESA discussion going on here not too long ago, so I figured some of you
might have an interest in one)


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