Digital Rainbow 100+ PC

From: Alex Wotherspoon <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 00:30:24 2001

For Sale or ???:


This early 1980's machine is designed to boot DOS, CP/M and as a DEC Terminal.

CPU - Model PC100-B2, Serial #WFC3514 - with dual 5.25" floppy drive and
full height hard drive
Colour Monitor - Model VR241-A, Serial #Y31-008107 - with video cable
Keyboard - Model LK201AA, Serial #B033602238 - with cable [plugs into video
Printer - Model LA50-RA, Serial #TC73817A - with printer cable

Circuit boards in CPU are as follows:
        5416206 5416205-01C1 [PC100-B MOTHER BD]
        5415961 5015960-01C1 [PC100B MEMORY EXTENSION]
        [27 sockets for DRAM; 9 populated with 50256-150 chips]
        5415688 5015687-01J1 [No description on board]
        5415482 5015481-C1P1 [PC100 RX50 CONTROLLER] [Floppy Drive]
        5416019 5016018-A1 [PC100 RD51 CNTLR] [Hard Drive]

The hard drive is a Seagate ST-412.

No documentation.
No diskettes.
Includes 3 power cords.
In working order (except do not know how to test printer which seems to
CPU will boot from hard drive into CP/M but not DOS.
Plastic cases are quite suntanned (i.e. yellowed) except printer.

Pictures of the machine may be viewed at

Located in Victoria, BC, Canada.
Shipping (including cartons), insurance and customs broker (if required)
are your choice and cost.

Using a bathroom scale the approximate weights are:
        CPU - 32 lbs.
        Monitor - 36 lbs.
        Keyboard - 4 lbs.
        Printer - 20 lbs.
        Cables - 4 lbs.
        Total - 96 lbs. (plus shipping cartons)

I have a box that could be used for the printer if packed in Styrofoam peanuts.

The hard drive should probably have its heads parked before shipping but I
will need instructions/software.

This is a collector's item, I am sure, but I have no idea as to its value
and I am not a collector. It was purchased new here in Victoria from
Computerland about 1983. I found it at a garage sale a few weeks ago. I
would hate to see it scrapped but I can't store it much longer! I will not
separate any components - it's all or nothing!

For my efforts I would like a few dollars in addition to the
shipping/insurance but not an outrageous sum. At
(in New Jersey) I see the CPU is listed at US$85, the monitor at US$95, the
keyboard at US$50 and the printer at US$75 (all tested and guaranteed). I
am not looking at anywhere near these prices.

For further information or to make an offer please send email.

This machine was posted on December 19, 2001 in the comp.sys.dec.micro
Newsgroup and I have had one expression of interest so far.

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