VAX 6000-460 booting saga continues ...

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 14:08:27 2001

Johnny Billquist wrote:

> On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Hans H?bner wrote:
>>On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Johnny Billquist wrote:
>>>No, Ultrix is SMP.
>>Thanks for the update.

Yep, in fact some string about an "Smp lock" is the first
string in the vmunix, this is what I used to find the
region in this file.01 combo where vmunix starts.

> We've run it on a 6000-440 for a couple of years here. Worked just
> fine. This with Ultrix 4.4. We never upgraded to 4.5. But since the
> hardware broke down six months ago, we rolled out 8650 back in. :-)
> We'll probably start switching to NetBSD on it soon though.

Ah, THANK YOU for that confirmation. I still wasn't quite sure
if the 6000-400 was fully supported but now I know. Do you
know if Ultrix 4.2 ever really worked on the 6000-400? I am
actually planning to going back (for reasons of certain source
code availability etc. mumble, mumble.)

> Only wished that the CI was supported. Does anybody around have
> programming documentation for CI and HSC controllers?

Is it not? It appeared to me that CIBCA was mentioned somewhere.
Doesn't even the 11/780 have a CI interface, I can't believe
Ultrix doesn't support it??? I have a CIBCA user manual and an
HSC user manual, so, if need be I will try to port an existing
CI driver to support CIBCA.

>>>It's the chicken and egg... How to get TCP/IP when you need TCP/IP to get
>>>it... :-)
>>I'd use Kermit for that, and in fact this is what Gunther currently does. I
>>see no reason why Kermit should not be good enough for a bunch of savesets.
>>And then there is DECNET for Linux, if everything else fails (but why should
> KERMIT works, but is a bit slow. That's the only objection I have.

Actually I really thank Hans for that suggestion. I give it a shot.
It really is time well spent to set up some INET protocol support.
Even if it's for sucking just 10 MB. I'm sure that my tape boot
won't work the first time, so I will try the CMUIP right away.

Another question to Jonnie would be if you still have an Ultrix
4.4 boot tape around? If so, I could still use it. I will have
to change my transmission on my car instead of a Year-End party
and there's other stuff to do. So, I would not mind being saved
from spending a night cutting together my 4.5 boot tape :-)


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