Tonight's S-100 find detailed inventory

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 12:30:52 2001

--- Richard Erlacher <> wrote:
> Have another look at that UART on the MITS board and see if it isn't an
> AY-5-1013A.

Oops... midnight typo.

> The spacing on that P2 connector is probably 0.157" (close
> enough to 0.154, but ... )

OK... I did not get out the micrometer...
> I've got one of those COMUTIME FDC's, but, alas, like you, Ethan, I've
> got no documentation.

I'm sure that's more common than the reverse.

> I also believe I have some source code for the board _somewhere_.

If you ever run across it, I'd like to hear it.
> Those SSM video boards were pretty popular, though they are capable of
> only 16 lines of 64 characters

Right... that's in the docs.

> That 24-pin DIP missing from the video board might well have been a
> character generator.

Could be. There isn't one elsewhere on the board, but there are a couple
of EPROMs marked "GEN".

> may find it matches the pinout of either a 2513 (GI)
> character generator or a 2716 (they're not the same).

I have a couple of 2513 chips - one or two with this pile and I think
one more with my TVT-6.


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