NEXT Color Printer find

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 10:42:45 2001

>It has an SCSI interface? I've had printers with IEE-488, serial and of
>course many types on network NICS. Weird, but then I haven't really messed
>with Next's.

        We've got some odd Kodak printers at work, connected to some
older PowerMac's, that use SCSI for the interface as well. My guess
is that, at least in this case, the Mac printer port wasn't fast
enough for their liking so they put it on the SCSI port instead. I
don't see where that would be the case with the NeXT though given the
very high-speed nature of it's printer port. To do full Postscript
Level II at 400dpi and 8ppm (NeXT Laser printer) with all the work
being done by the host CPU is going to take a pretty fast serial

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