Seagate ST32550N vs Quantum XP32150 - which is better?

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 10:50:02 2001

> I've always had better service from Seagate. Quantum is now absorbed into
> Maxtor and I pretty much have had a lot of problems with IDE and SCSI drives
> by Quantum. Unless a Seagate is dead or damaged, I never have problems with
> them - have 8 ST410800N 9.1 SCSI FH drives on my server and all run AOK.
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> Subject: Seagate ST32550N vs Quantum XP32150 - which is better?
> A buddy of mine needs a couple of 2Gb 1" SCSI drives. I have both
> Quantum XP32150s and ST32550Ns available. Are these drives essentially
> equivalent, or is one better than the other?
> -ethan
I've had mixed luck with the XP32150's... I think the 32550N's would
last longer.

I've got a bad 32150 (wide SCSI differential version) downstairs...

I've also got a bunch of Quantum Fireball drives that you can't kill.

The problem seems to be based on which model Quantum -- some are good
some are dogs.

I thought all the IBM's were great until I heard about the problems with
their 60gb and up stuff...


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