On optical SUN mice: Last F/U

From: Fred deBros <fdebros_at_verizon.net>
Date: Sun Dec 30 16:01:57 2001

Ok, after a few days of trial and error with all sorts of shiny and
glittery Christmas wrappings:

The best way to make a pad for the SUN optical mice is to print the
mousepad.ps file on a transparency, and mount it on one of those semi
rigid aluminum plates such as used for cheapie (Christmas!) food trays.
Mount it UPSIDE DOWN of course, so as not to scratch the print side too
soon. Maybe laminate the whole shebang? Add a print of the pad in the
back so you can quickly copy it again if the first one "scratches out".
Make sure the felts under the mouse are there. Type 4 and type 5 mice,
both work with that contraption.

Now if only there was a pgm to accelerate the movements like in windows

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