Apple 2gs boards, what are they?

From: David Williams <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 22:49:24 2001

On 30 Dec 2001, at 21:49, Tom Owad wrote:
> That's the controller card for Vitesse's Quickie Hand Scanner.

Then I suspect I'm missing an important part, the scanner. Picked
it up in a thrift but the parts were scattered. It was listed as 6 parts
and I found the cpu, monitor, 2 3.5" drives and figured the other two
parts where the keyboard and mouse which were nowhere to be
found. Since I was mostly just interested in the cards I picked it
up anyway. Now it sounds like that card isn't much use to me.

Now to figure out what this other one is.

> The connector is a mini Din-8.

Ah, thanks.

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