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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 18:04:20 2001

> > Everything I've ever seen concerning the printer's interface
>> refers to it as a high-speed serial interface, though I've rarely
>Which the Canon 'video' interface technically is. You send a serial bit
>stream to the laser driver. With no framing or any other kind of protocol.

        I saved a Usenet post a couple of years ago concerning the
NeXT laser printer and it described the operation as:

        A video signal is sent to the printer on the 'Data In' line
and a clock signal is sent on the CLK line. No start, stop, parity,
delays or other extra bits. It was also suggested that the 'Data
Out' lines provided the various status indicators such as paper out,
no paper, no toner, open printer, etc.

>There's a serial clock/data pair for status (paper out, jam, errors,
>paper size, etc) and commands (select paper tray, select manual feeder,
>and so on). And some ready signals so both sides know that the other side
>is turned on.

        The actual pinout for the connection is:

        1 LP CLK
        2 LP Data In
        3 LP Data Out 1
        4 LP Data Out 2
        5 LP PWR Enable
        6 GND
        7 GND
        8 GND
        9 NC

>This sounds suspiciously like the Canon 'video' interface. Just out of
>curiousity, what connector is used (the Canon standard one is a DC37-S on
>the printer).

        The connection on the CPU end is a DE-9M. My NeXT laser
printer is sitting in my office awaiting replacement of it's feed
roller and ejection gear, so I can't doublecheck the connector on the
printer end. I believe it's the same as the CPU though, as I don't
recall the cable being different on each end.

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