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From: Robert Schaefer <>
Date: Sun Dec 30 18:35:42 2001

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> On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Robert Schaefer wrote:
> > I would imagine it was to talk to the printer. IIRC early Macs used
> > SCSI printers, too. Pretty neat. I wonder how hard a SCSI <->
> > parallel interface would be to build.
> I seem to remember seeing a few companies offer these kinds of bridges,
> but I doubt they would work for anything other then a printer.

I was thinking that in these times of swiss-army-chips, there would be some
kind of controller with SCSI-1 and parallel onboard. Be a whole lot faster
to print across a SCSI -> parallel bridge than a serial cable, I'd imagine.

> I have a SCSI <-> ethernet bridge around here somewhere. I think it was
> made for older Macs that lacked nubus or another means of expansion. It
> reports itself as a disk device, but I haven't done much with it yet.

I've heard of those too, and was thinking about getting one for some of the
older macs I had, before I decided to get rid of 'em. IIRC they weren't the
most elegant of things, and drivers were a problem.

> -Toth

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