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Date: Sun Dec 30 20:52:09 2001

Fred Cisin wrote
> In place of current accepted sloppy terminology,
> how many remember what they were called THEN?

Most of the engineers I work with have never heard of Amphenol or Cannon,
let alone "blue range" or "red range" (popular Cannon connectors)

It's a classic chicken and egg thing. Ampenol connectors were adopted as
a "standard" connector for Centronics printer, IEEE-488 and SCSI interface,
but are often mis-named. As I don't have an Amphenol catalogue to hand,
I'm afraid I can't tell you what Amphenol's designation is for this connector.

On the subject of D-sub connectors I've sometimes come across some with
metric threaded jackscrews instead of the usual UNF thread, or is it UNC ?

Chris Leyson
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