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From: Ian Koller <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 01:58:30 2001

> Only in the last 5-8 years have I seen them referred to as Centronics.

I'm sure I saw it as far back as the mid to late 80's.

> Just because a name is commonly (mis)used in a particular way,
> doesn't mean it's correct,

 Ahh, but language is a constantly evolving process. The primary
purpose of which is to convey understanding. So being technically
correct, but failing to convey the meaning intended, is not good.
Especially when ordering parts over the telephone? At least now
with digital cameras ( or polaroids and scanners ) and the
internet, we can transmit pictures to help convey meaning, if
we have the time to do all that?
 Also, a meaning valid 20 years ago, may have become something
different 10 years later. What is and what isn't actually
correct might only be able to be determined by consulting a
dictionary? Also meaning of words has regional variance within
the same country, and even greater variance in some cases across
international borders. And I wouldn't even be surprised if one
might not find some differences ( although very few I'm sure )
if one were to compare many dictionaries. If I'm not mistaken,
the Oxford English Dictionary would generally be taken as the
"highest authority".
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