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From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 12:03:26 2001

On December 31, Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:
> The only place that I have EVER met any people who claimed to be
> "engineers" who might "have never heard of Amphenol" would be some
> university folk who have never set foot into the real world.

  Ahh, those "engineers" who don't know which end of a soldering iron
gets hot.

  A fond memory from around 1991, while working for a small defense
contractor in NJ, talking with a 2nd-year "summer slave" on loan from
MIT (of all places!). I'd assigned him to write some data reduction
code in FORTRAN for a remote sensing project, and later wound up
having to do it myself:

Me: "This program needs a lot of work."

Weenie: "Hah! Where did *YOU* go to school? See here:"
  [weenie scribbles some incomprehensible equation on the whiteboard]

Me: "I didn't. But I damn well know a REAL*4 on this VAX won't
         deal with the IEEE-format floating point numbers from the
         spectrometer without format conversion, for starters.

Weenie: "WHAT?! [horrified look] You actually want to RUN this program?"

Me: "Of course. Why the hell do you think I asked you to write it?"

Weenie: "Isn't this just an exercise?"

Me: "We are a defense contractor. We build machines to kill
         people. Look at the size of my gut...we NEVER exercise
         around here."

Weenie: "Does this mean I have to type this program in, like on a computer?"

Me: "No. You're fired."


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