Hep me!! scsi adapter DOS drivers (ot?)

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Date: Mon Dec 31 07:05:58 2001

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> Subject: Hep me!! scsi adapter DOS drivers (ot?)
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> --probably off topic...
> I am not sure of the age of the board but
> Adaptec seems to think it's not supportable
> any more... :^(
> Anybody have DOS ASPI drivers for the
> Tis an ISA scsi card with floppy attach
> and I have it in a 486 machine

I had no problems finding drivers for my older 1522 also. Winblows
9x has it already. Linux has own drivers for these, BSD, Freebsd,
Netbsd, all of them has many items supported also.

> goes by the name of PCIII, with no other markings
> as to MFG.

This is generic lunchbox by one same "unknown" maker that I had PCII
mono lunchbox, the card for it was very poorly designed that it
breaks up when LCD controller rom is shadowed on pentium board I had
put in. Appearently that box was designed for old 286 or 386 era.

Pull your LCD card and look for biggest chipset markings and start
from there for video drivers. Leave those jumpers alone on that LCD


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