Help, I will now buy another VAX 6000-420 in Virginia Beach, I can't possibly take that thing ....

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 11:16:16 2001

Oh my oh my, I just won another VAX 6000-420 for 24 bucks and
99 cents on eBay. Another 6400 in my fleet. I just love these
machines. They are handsome decently powerful not oversized,
modest in power consumption and noise emission (compared to the
11/780). Very friendly to operate (compared to 11/750, 780 and
pretty much everything before. It's so invaluable to have a
self test LED at every board so you know exactly whats wrong if
things don't work.) Of course these are real machines not
PC-lookalikes. But that's what it's all about! :-)

But I can never justify to transport that machine from
Virginia Beach to Indianapolis and frankly I have no room
for it. I hope that Mr. Seller will let me take a virtual
peek inside and if theres anything I don't have or that
I need, I will take some off. I can still use CPUs (to
build my second 6000-460, KFSMA, anything peripheral
except CIBCA and DEBNT (have enough of those). BTW, at
some point not too far ahead, I will give that second
6000-460 away (if and when I get my 6000-660). Another
thing is I will trade a whole setup with 6460, 6520, HSC90,
SA600 cabinet, TU81+ and Dataproducts printer and may be
add one PDP-8/A as a prize for the one who brings me a
nice 11/785 with UNIBUS extension cabinet. In that regard
I also trade a TU78 in the style of the 80s against a
TU78 with the blue head-panel that fits the 11/780.

So, now you know. I've always stuff cooking until I retire
from my hardware ackquisition frenzie. after I have my
11/785 setup. If you live close to Virginia Beach, or
you plan on passing by there, let me know.


PS: also remember, there are a couple of 8650s waiting
for a home. I would love to take one but I can't build
my whole garage into a computerroom, and I can't run the
machine as a furnace (I have gas heat and want to keep it
that way :-). But remember, the 8650 are very elegant machines,
if you can handle that caliber.

Gunther Schadow wrote:

> Hi,
> there are 23 minutes to go on an ebay auction
> for a VAX 6420. I already have 3 such cabinets in my house
> and I can impossibly take one let alone the shipping. I will
> only have it checked out for parts. It's dirt cheap. I am
> always looking for some interesting stuff and this one might
> just have some. Most of the heavy and hard to get stuff I
> will leave. You should have a running machine. Outbid me now
> if you can take the whole machine.
> regards
> -Gunther

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