Trailing-edge compute farm seeks gainful employment

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 08:09:29 2001

On 2001.12.31 00:21 wrote:
> Supposing one has a farm of older, relatively slower machines
> (Sun-2's,
> Sun-3's, early SPARCs, 386es, very small VAXen, 68k-based Macs, etc.)
> running various Unixes (mostly NetBSD), networked together and
> connected to the Net. What does one do with it?
Continuously bulding -current snapshots? (A MV II will need more than a
Continuously bulding bin-pkgs out of pkgsrc? (How long will a Sun 3 need
for mozilla?)
Providing a build / test environment for other NetBSD developers?
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