Any AMIGA users?

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 18:18:52 2001

>OK what was the AMIGA that ran both AMIGA and PC software ... (286 +
>68000 )
>cpu cards on a PC style box. Did that have a special software to write
>PC disks?
>I saw one once - but it was sure slow!

        You're talking about an A2000 with the A2286 bridgeboard. It
used a PC-style floppy disk connected directly to it and emulated CGA
graphics on the Amiga display. There were various versions of the
bridgeboard, going from the original 8088 to an 80386SX. There was
also a sidecar for the A1000 which did much the same thing, as well
as a bridgeboard from a 3rd party. For the A500 with a GVP HD8+, GVP
made the PC286. It mounted inside the HD8+ and provided a 16mhz
80286, emulated up to mono VGA, and shared the Amiga floppy drives,
though MS-DOS couldn't access Amiga disks. Unlike the bridgeboard's
though this didn't allow the use of ISA expansion cards.

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