Make up your mind soon. (was: Help, I will now buy another VAX 6000-420 in Virginia Beach, I can't possibly take that thing ....

From: Shengchao Li <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 16:28:15 2001

I want to have a 6000. But I don't have my own home and don't have a means
to transport it... Hopefully after 1 year when I get my job there will
still be some 6000 around.


On Mon, 31 Dec 2001, Gunther Schadow wrote:

> The VAX 6000-400 is in Portsmouth VA (Virginia Beach area) and
> for the most part is still up for grabs. The maximum fee I would
> want is $24.99 to cover my eBay costs. If I take stuff out first,
> there will be no charge for the rest. If there is real interest
> I will leave it at a working system, otherwise I may remove things
> more thorroughly. But make up your mind soon. I know that there
> are no disks with it, and I will find out more and let you
> know. If I don't hear a clear committment, there will be another
> nice VAX going to into the melting oven. If you have never seen
> a 6000: it's the size of an American fridge, weighs 800 lb (400 kg),
> sucks 800 W power, needs 3-phase power or at least 220 V
> (laundry dryer hookup.) I have instructions for a relatively
> easy power conversion (just make another plug.) It does not (yet)
> run NetBSD, but Ultrix 4.4 and 4.5 and may be Ultrix 4.2 and higher.
> VMS of course.
> regards
> -Gunther
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