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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Dec 31 15:58:29 2001

Sadly, if we allow the language to degenerate in the direction in which it's
been "progressing" over the past three decades, we'll reach a point where
all our words are of a single syllable and only the inflections will signify
meaning. That's back to pre-Neanderthal communication, isn't it?

't seems as though everyone wants to conceal the weaknesses in their own
knowledge (and vocabluarly) by allowing others to fill in the blanks.
Unfortunately, the point at which we've now arrived is one where there are
more blanks than words. This isn't irreprarable, is it?


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> > > Only in the last 5-8 years have I seen them referred to as Centronics.
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> > I'm sure I saw it as far back as the mid to late 80's.
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> > > Just because a name is commonly (mis)used in a particular way,
> > > doesn't mean it's correct,
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> > Ahh, but language is a constantly evolving process. The primary
> > purpose of which is to convey understanding. So being technically
> > correct, but failing to convey the meaning intended, is not good.
> And being technically incorrect and causing confusion is certainly a Bad
> Thing....
> If we go back to the device that started this thread, it was a printer
> described as having 3 Centronics ports. That to me would imply a printer
> with 3 parallel inputs, so that it could be shared between 3 computers.
> Not a printer that has a SCSI interface.
> > Especially when ordering parts over the telephone? At least now
> If I'm ordering parts, I generally have the appropriate catalogue or
> service manaul open. So I am ordering using an unambiguous part number.
> It doesn't matter what the discription in the catalogue/manaul is, I can
> order the right part.
> > Also, a meaning valid 20 years ago, may have become something
> > different 10 years later. What is and what isn't actually
> > correct might only be able to be determined by consulting a
> When language evolves in a way that causes confusion, then the changes
> need to be resisted IMHO.
> -tony
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