Cleaning Head on TK70/TK50

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Mon Jan 1 08:01:08 2001

Hey - my first e-mail of the new millennium - somehow it seems
no different. Happy New Year EVERYONE. May this year,
decade, century and millennium bring us all what is truly best for
the development of all lives on this planet.

I have been using a TK70 for about 6 months and yesterday, it
gave up. The error is that it will not read or write, so I tend
to assume that the head must be cleaned. Of course, it could
be an electronic circuit, but the symptoms (a slow deterioration
over about 3 tapes) suggest otherwise. Plus, I have the isopropyl
cleaning fluid and a stock of cleaning swabs.

However, having never done this before, I don't know how to achieve
access to the head and if there are other parts to clean as well. The
head is held down by two springs which allow the head to be gently
raised. But only so far. Will it stretch the springs too much to lift
the head high enough to be cleaned - or should the springs be
detached first and how might that be done? Are there any other
questions that I should be asking - that someone who has done this
before knows about because they found out after the fact?

Thank you in advance for any help. I assume that the procedure
for a TK50 (of which I also have one) is about the same, but if
not, please indicate if there are any differences between a TK50
and a TK70 in regard to cleaning the head or anything else that
a user would want to be aware of.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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