Cleaning Head on TK70/TK50

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Jan 1 08:25:37 2001

On Jan 1, 9:01, Jerome Fine wrote:
> Hey - my first e-mail of the new millennium - somehow it seems
> no different. Happy New Year EVERYONE. May this year,
> decade, century and millennium bring us all what is truly best for
> the development of all lives on this planet.

Happy New Year, Jerome! (and everyone else, of course).

> I have been using a TK70 for about 6 months and yesterday, it
> gave up. The error is that it will not read or write, so I tend
> to assume that the head must be cleaned. Of course, it could
> be an electronic circuit, but the symptoms (a slow deterioration
> over about 3 tapes) suggest otherwise. Plus, I have the isopropyl
> cleaning fluid and a stock of cleaning swabs.

I have a similar situation with a TK50.

> However, having never done this before, I don't know how to achieve
> access to the head and if there are other parts to clean as well. The
> head is held down by two springs which allow the head to be gently
> raised. But only so far. Will it stretch the springs too much to lift
> the head high enough to be cleaned - or should the springs be
> detached first and how might that be done? Are there any other
> questions that I should be asking - that someone who has done this
> before knows about because they found out after the fact?
> Thank you in advance for any help. I assume that the procedure
> for a TK50 (of which I also have one) is about the same, but if
> not, please indicate if there are any differences between a TK50
> and a TK70 in regard to cleaning the head or anything else that
> a user would want to be aware of.

It's such a long time since I looked inside a TK<anything> that I can't
remember how to do this -- so I'd be interested too. BTW, does a standard
DLT cleaning tape work in a TK50/70? I can borrow one from work.

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