FT: DELQA User Manual, DHV11 Technical Manual

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Mon Jan 1 23:28:15 2001

For what ever reason I've ended up with a couple of spares of these two
manuals, manual #1 is the DELQA Users Manual it details everything you need
to know to test, program, install, and configure the M7516 DELQA Ethernet
interface. The second is the technical manual for a DHV11, the back has
been creased a bit but otherwise it is in good shape and still has the
tear-out maintenance card intact.

I'm interested in trading these 1:1 for other DEC technical manuals. On my
want list are:
        DEQNA-TM (this will complete my set :-)
        CXA16-TM (or -UG)
        RQDX3-TM (or -UG)
        TQK70-TM (or -UG)

These are the ones I _know_ I can use, but I'm interested in all documentation.

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