PPort ethernet, new on ebay for $9.00

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Date: Wed Jan 3 03:07:00 2001

Looks like a winner then. The model is: PE10BT-32K which makes me think
RJ not RG. I have not heard back from the seller yet so it might still

Oh God. I just had a sick thought of trying to run one under NetBSD on my
Sun Sparcstation which is already networked via it's own, more than
adequate lance ethernet adapter. I bet I can find a driver. Anyone know
how complete the printer port on this Sun is?

As for the ST, I think as long as the chipset is the same as the Dlink
models (RTL8012???) then it is likely to work from what I've read on the

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   at 04:07 AM, Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com> said:

>>I just bought two printerport Xircom ethernet adapters for 9bucks apiece
>>on Ebay. Only three of the 25 available sold so there are still units

>Sounds like a coax, not a 10bt price. Are you sure about which it is?

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