cleaning QIC?

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Date: Wed Jan 3 05:14:26 2001

I manually cleaned a 9track tape with paper towels and rubbing alcohol
last winter. It took forever spooling the tape back and forth, but I did
get the data. I spent an entire day doing it.

Someone mentioned in an earlier floppy-recovery message alcohol as a
lubricant. I can attest this works with my 9track. It will read 'wet'
tape better than sticky tape...



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>I've had success using propan-2-ol to clean magnetic tape. What I
>normally do is support the tape on a wooden stick (the 'handle' of a
>cotton bud), use another cotton bud soaked in propan-2-ol held against
>the tape and then 'rock' the tape backwards and forwards by turning the
>spools (if a normal cassette-type thing) or the drive puck (for a QIC
>tape). I've not wiped the oxide off the tape by doing this.

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