Tektronix Terminal 4012

From: David C. Jenner <djenner_at_halcyon.com>
Date: Wed Jan 3 18:12:59 2001

There should be an erase button; press it to see
if the screen flashes and clears.

There should be a local/remote button; put it in
local and try typing.


Owen Cameron wrote:
> G'day,
> I have one of these beasties sitting around - they're a mid-late 1970's
> design I believe (the only date I can find on it however is the copyright on
> the PCB for the powersupply - 1971).
> At first glance, it does appear to work - powers up and screen glows a
> wonderfull cliche green. Serial cord connected and send data to it... no
> effect. :(
> So, has anyone ever setup one of these things to work as a terminal to a
> common garden PC (linux user I am)? Might the screen have burnt out and it
> simply is unable to display anything I send to it anyways? Does it need a
> straight-through or null-modem serial connection? Do I need to send an
> initialisation string to it before it'll accept and display any data?
> None of these things I know, and trial and error problem solving can be
> frustrating, especially if other problems prevent them from being solved
> that way! ;)
> btw, I have a few cheap webcam shots of the thing, and can get them on a
> webpage, if anyone is interested in seeing the thing.
> .../Nemo
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