VAX-11/750 Rescue in Portland, Oregon

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Date: Thu Jan 4 11:06:53 2001

On 2001-01-04 said to
>I just found out about a VAX-11/750 that is apparently in the
>Portland area that is in desparate need of Rescue. From talking to
>the woman that's trying to take care of this for her parents, it
>sounds like they'd like to get money or at least a tax credit for
>this. It apparently includes software and documentation, and it is
>supposed to be fully working.

If you can't find anyone who ran rescue the entire machine, I would be
very much interested in the cards that are in it. I want to revive my
own 11/750, but it has only 5MB of memory so I am in need of more
memory cards. The latest version of NetBSD doesn't really work well
in 5MB anymore. Unfortunately I live in The Netherlands, so I can't
come over to collect them :(


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