Actual users of paper tape

From: Jim Arnott <>
Date: Fri Jan 5 14:25:11 2001

BTDT... pdp-8 on a 'computer-assisted' Bendix coordinate measuring
machine (CMM). All the measuring programs were written to paper tape
using an ITT teletype.

Later on a pdp 11/24 on a 'computer-controlled' Bendix HA-5 CMM.
Software distribution from DEC was on a packing case full of paper
tape. (System also had a whopping 128k of mag-core memory.) Boot
through the front panel. Used to 'proof' the tooling (N/C tapes
(mylar)) for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile.

Interesting time to be working in aerospace! We were developing the
machining centers to build the product. (5 axis internal boring mills,
n/c lathes, and so on.) Company is now a vacant lot.

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