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Date: Fri Jan 5 19:18:40 2001

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>Another reason I still like using Pine under a Unix shell account to
>read my ASCII mail. VT100 emulation. The data stream *is* the
>content. Hardware requirements: VT-100 terminal, a modem that can
>dial a POTS line, and the aformentioned line itself. Nothing more.
>Classic Bliss.

How about Nettamer? A wonderful all-in-one DOS program to read mail
and news, do ftp and a little bit of web surfing. Built in PPP, no
external drivers needed.
Any attachment just stays in the body of the message and is easily
decoded or deleted. Works on any old PC with a modem, very safe.
As a rule I delete any received binary file that I was not told about
beforehand by a trusted source. God knows what garbage might have
been in all those animated christmas cards.

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