How to install hobbiest CD?

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Date: Fri Jan 5 19:22:08 2001

After booting from cd, you have to move the VMS image to your hard disk.

At the prompt:


Substitute your drive numbers for mine. For instance, if your cdrom drive
is id3 then make the source drive DKA300

This also assumes you've got the same version cd as I do (from Montagar).



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   at 08:22 PM, Neil Cherry <> said:

>I've managed to boot the 3100 with the Hobbiest CD and now it sits at a
>'$' prompt. Does anyone have the instructions for install the CD? I had
>them but can not find them now. Any pointers (links) would be

>Also what/where is the '$' prompt? It doesn't take show commands so I'm
>guessing I'm stuck in between something.


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