Straight 8 Skins

From: Max Burnet <>
Date: Sat Jan 6 17:12:49 2001


There is an overall diagram of the skins on page 1-12 of the PDP-8
Maintenance Manual.

There are 3 pages of dimensional diagrams to the nearest eighth of a inch
in Chapter 6, Installation Planning, of the PDP-8 user handbook.
I will snailmail a copy to you.
I doubt whether they are good enough to use for "manufacture" tho.

The two side panels on the power supply would be relatively straight
forward. They are rectangular, wood which could be covered with a woodgrain
laminate, and aluminium edging. Little hooks on the back ensure they are
held firmly to the classic PDP-8 chassis.

The plastic doors would be much harder to make IMHO. We always refered to
them as plexiglass doors. They are a single piece of transparent green
plastic, with an opaque plastic top, plastic edging at bottom and aluminium
strips at the front. I think it is all glued together. The plastic top has
multiple, long slots cut in it for airflow.

I have a desktop classic 8 (Sydney Aust, not much use!) and can take digital
pics and send if that would help?

If any of your readers wish, I can also offer a large wall poster of the
classic PDP-8 and its teletype that I made some years ago.

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