Straight 8 Skins

From: Geoffrey G. Rochat <>
Date: Sun Jan 7 11:57:04 2001

Not to worry William, my correspondent is an honorable man, and I know
that any reproduction work would be properly documented and marked. The
real trick is finding the proper information so that the repro work can
be done.

I am fascinated to hear of replica Audions. Given the amount of work to
make them, and make them well enough to fool people into spending big
bucks, the forger had to do one heckovalotta work. If you're gonna
steal from people because you're too lazy to work for a living, why make
it that hard on yourself? Do something easier and more lucrative, like
smuggling narcotic babyfood or something. <grin>

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>> The two side panels on the power supply would be relatively straight
>> forward. They are rectangular, wood which could be covered with a
>> laminate, and aluminium edging. Little hooks on the back ensure they
>> held firmly to the classic PDP-8 chassis.
>> The plastic doors would be much harder to make IMHO. We always
refered to
>> them as plexiglass doors. They are a single piece of transparent
>> plastic, with an opaque plastic top, plastic edging at bottom and
>> strips at the front. I think it is all glued together. The plastic
top has
>> multiple, long slots cut in it for airflow.
>Geoff, if your freind does fabricate new covers for the PDP-8, please
>tell him to mark it as a reproduction in a permanent, but un-obvious
>For example, just a simple note like "REPLICA COVERS: 20 JUN 2001"
>on each cover, inside, in the corner, in very small letters. This will
>prevent some jerk in the distant future trying to sell it as a
>or just paint a clearer picture of the provenance of the machine long
>after it has changed hands a few times. Being an important machine
>(PDP-8), it will always be valued highly and may greatly outlive its
>current owner.
>Quite a few years ago, some guys started making replica Audions and
>very early tubes/valves. Some of them are marked, but many are not, and
>at least a few people I know have been burned.
>William Donzelli
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