Straight 8 Skins

From: Geoffrey G. Rochat <>
Date: Sun Jan 7 14:14:20 2001

Indeed. But the trick is not how to make 'em look fake so that no one
will be confused. I'm quite certain that can be arranged with precious
little effort. The trick is getting either real skins (thereby
circumventing all issues) or mechanical drawings of same so that my
correspondent can refurb his Straight 8. Specifically;

"...Cradle and module covers for a Straight-8 OR mechanical blueprints
for same to convert formerly rack-mounted model to a desktop machine."

Can anyone help this fella out? So far, the best information received
is a partial from Max Burnet (Thanks again, Max!) from Down Under; can
anyone better his information?

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Date: Sunday, January 07, 2001 1:44 PM
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>One way to make sure the replicas are obviously replicas is to do them
>the wrong color. Honeywell orange metalwork, for example, with blue
>plexiglass instead of the grey that DEC used. Or, as suggested, just
>them somewhere.
> Doug Jones
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