VGA card - 8 bit?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jan 8 00:24:01 2001

> I guess that this is a rather naive question, but is there any such
> thing as an 8-bit VGA card? If not, is the 16-bits necessary or is it
> just because it came about after 16-bit ISA came along with the AT
> class computers?
> - don
 I wondered the same thing a while back and learned that there
were such beasts. A supplier in Calgary Alberta responded
tongue-in-cheek "Sure, how many do you want". TMK there were a
fair number of mfgrs who made them. I've been meaning to put one
in my heavily-modified PC and when I sort out my card box will see
if I have a spare. I think the biggest problem with these old cards is
figuring out how to set the jumpers.
ciao larry

ciao larry

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