Annoying high pitched squeal

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Date: Mon Jan 8 11:16:24 2001

I'd have to agree with the list. It sounds like your monitor is going to

Fortunately, there are cables and such you can build or buy that will
allow you to run a multisync VGA monitor on the ST. When my SC1224 dies
I'm going to invest in one of these switchboxes. Since the new monitor is
so much more capable, you can display hi rez mono and color modes on the
same screen.

You can upgrade the memory on the machine to 4mb and get a hard disk. I
can help you with the MiNT operating system.



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>I recently acquired an Atari 1040f from a friend. It came with the SC1224
> color monitor which, for some reason gives off a really awful high
>pitched sound. Does anyone have some idea why this might happen? It
>scares my cat.
> Thanks.
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