How to install hobbiest CD?

From: Neil Cherry <>
Date: Mon Jan 8 12:26:06 2001 wrote:
> What kind of cdrom drive and hard disk are you using? I had a hard time
> finding a drive that would work on my Vaxstation 4000/60. It likes my
> Quantum drives but not others. The symtom was a dump when I tried to use
> Backup to install the image. The machine would trap and give me a
> screenfull of numbers to write down...
> I also had a realy hard time with a cdrom drive and this machine. I
> eventually had to get a real RRD40 to get VMS installed. All the other
> drives would boot and get me to the Backup prompt, but the install would
> fail when I tried to install the image to hard disk. It is funny that the
> Vax didn't mind booting backup from a generic, non-512byte block cdrom
> drive, but the backup program freaks out on it. It is usually the other
> way around.....

The hard disk is a DEC 104M SCSI disk (it came with the VS3100). The
CDROM is a compaq unit I pulled from a system on it's way out the door.
The backup actually worked for the 6.1 release but the syntax took some
hacking to figure out (some like backup dkb500:vms061.b /save dka300).
I now have a bunch of stuff loaded but it didn't like the License (I
registered the MV3300 and tried to use it on the VS3100). I've now
gotten my VS3100 registered but I haven't tried entering the data. The
next item will be the VS2000 which I'll net boot and cluster.

I'm really looking forward to playing with VMS.

BTW: the mount verification problem is one I saw with the 2 MV3400's I
have. One is up and running fine now the other won't go past the
System version info. I'll play with that one later after I get the
VS3100 up and running.

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