Centronix733+IBMPC=FIRE Why?

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_look.ca>
Date: Tue Jan 9 10:39:19 2001

> If you connect an Atari 825 printer to a PC, the printer fries itself.
> This is an OEM Centronics 733 printer. Why does it make smoke? I've
> burned three printers and know my signals/cables are correct. I've
> run tons of printers off ataris that weren't atari printers. Why does
> this printer call the fire dept when connected to the PC??
> P.S. I've one more that works perfectly so I can
> experiment.................................. I will produce the
> pinouts for each machine, but wanted instant gratification.....
> Regards all,
> Jeff

Cause it's heartbroken at being slaved to such an inferior machine ?


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