New finds

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Jan 9 19:33:22 2001

  In the last couple of days I hit a used book store, scrap yard and
Skycraft (THE mother of all surplus stores!) and came away with a good pile
of stuff. Motorola Exor-bus CPU card with 6809 CPU, a pile of 7 more
Exor-bus cards (Mike, where are you?) and a Rockwell R6500 AIM computer
built into some kind of an incomplete machine. It has a riser card on the
expansion connector and a second circuit card plugged into the riser. The
only name I can find on it is "Aeronca Electronics Inc - 1984". The card
has three DataSentry NiCad batteries on it along with two R6522P ICs and
two HM 6116 Static Rams. Anyone know what this might have been? Other
hardware includes an OMTI bridge board. It's a model 5400. Does anyone know
what it is? I haven't had time to research it.

   Other goodies include "Interfacing to S-100/IEEE696 Microcomputers" by
Sol Libes and Mark Garetz, "Starting Forth", "Thinking Forth" and "Discover
Forth". Also "Principles of Data Processing with BASIC" from 1970. It's not
too exciting except for a section on the IBM 29 card punch in the appendix.
Other bookies include "Assembly language for the IBM-PC" by Kip Irvine and
"Fundamentals of Logic Design" by Roth. They both look like good books.

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