VGA card - 8 bit?

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Jan 9 22:58:29 2001

On Sun, 7 Jan 2001, Don Maslin wrote:
> I guess that this is a rather naive question, but is there any such
> thing as an 8-bit VGA card? If not, is the 16-bits necessary or is
> it just because it came about after 16-bit ISA came along with the
> AT class computers?

Perhaps I'm showing my age, but, wow, I don't recall there being
anything unusual about VGA cards for an 8-bit XT bus. One type I
haven't seen mentioned here is the Hercules VGA board (was it also 16
bit? I'll have to find it and take a look); my IBM PC-XT had both the
Hercules VGA and Hercules monochrome adapters in it at the same time,
so I could use two monitors with some programs, displaying different
things on each. I removed the VGA card when my Zenith VGA monitor
quit working (which I've got to get around to repairing), and just
went back to the old Sysdyne monochrome monitor.

VGA graphics were rather slow, but some of them looked great, like
those in the Undersea Adventure game - alas, it's copy protected, and
no copy-unprotect software that I tried allowed me to make a copy; not
sure if the disc is still readable, but it was the most interesting
video game that I've played---although I'll have to admit that I
rarely play computer games, as they waste too much time and life's
too short to waste.

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