Nuke Redmond!

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Jan 10 00:59:27 2001

Oh, quite complaining!.

Just because YOU didn't have the smarts or the imagination and certainly
lacked the application and diligence to build a successful business like
Gates and his pals did doesn't mean you can sit, idly regurgitating the same
unconsidered rubbish every time you're short a buck or two. If you con't
like what Gates has done or how he's done it, then do better. Don't whine.
Get out there and do it! Either that or shut up and suffer the much
deserved consequence of your own inaction.


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> Since Bush is going to be President (I'm fine with that though I voted for
> Brown), I thought it important to remind folks that the Redmond
> Washington-based company, Microsoft should be destroyed entirely. Those
> employees not directly culpable are still guilty because they knew MS was
> doing hateful things. Let them apply at SUN and see what they get. That
> will be thier purgatory. Gates and his cronies should rot in jail.
> Gates built his empire on the suicides of those he destroyed.
> Bush is probably going to try to save MS from themselves and I hope he
> fails utterly. Brown would have been even easier on MS than Bush, but he
> supports most of what I believe in otherwise. Assume Brown won and I'd
> write the same message.
> I'd like to see Bill Gates sentenced to prison for destroying individuals
> who didn't like his products and who said so rather than for the
> fabrication MS is being prosecuted for. The attacks were direct and
> devastating. A huge multinational company targeted and destroyed many
> careers in fear that competent, well-respected opinions might actually be
> heard.
> The truth is far worse than anything DOJ has conjured up. The truth is
> that if MS had not spent it's resources terrorizing individuals and
> destroying other companies through deceit, theft, and violence, Microsoft
> would not exist today. Aparently, no amount of resources expended by MS
> would produce a decent operating system given the failures to date.
> Gates one day may catch a bullet from some Finnish guy 'on the dole'
> because MS made the company he worked for 'fire' him for not toeing the
> line. I don't think it is right, but I wouldn't wail at the funeral
> either.
> If we don't get justice, I say we should ask the Chinese or the North
> Koreans to take care of the problem for us. That way they would be able
> to actually BUY thier OS/2 instead of burning thier own cd's. One Long
> Dong with a 22kt warhead ought to do.
> My point is that Microsoft is not a company. It is a mafia. It should not
> be split or otherwise reorganized but should be utterly and totally
> destroyed. The ash should be mixed with concrete and used to create a
> monument to freedom, democracy, free-trade, and particularly; the persuit
> of excellence both technical and spiritual. A monument to remind us all of
> how NOT to run a company and how NOT to do business.
> Microsoft - "The Jeffrey Dahmer of companies (TM)"
> Regards all,
> Jeff
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