Tek 2230 'scope check-out

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Wed Jan 10 16:42:03 2001

A Tektronix service technician once advised me that unless I needed the NIST
Certification, the way to get my 'scope tuned up and adjusted not just to
within spec's but to the "best" adjustment possible, I should just have it
"cleaned." This gets the potentiometers and the various switches and
contacts cleaned and gets everything tweaked.

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Subject: Tek 2230 'scope check-out

> Last summer I picked up a Tek 2230, a 100 MHz two-channel
> digital storage oscilloscope.
> I think I'd like to check it checked out by a repair
> service to confirm whether all its functions are working or not.
> Can anyone recommend a service for this? I don't need a
> full NBS certification, just a check-out.
> - John
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