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I'm running and have been running OS/2 since I got my first clone PC in
1992. Never did Windows but for servicing it for others. I just bought
EcomStation, the latest version of the OS/2 operating system from Serenity

The reason Linux is such a threat is not that it is so great. It is good
at most things and great at some things, but mostly, it is dirt cheap.

More important than price by far is that Microsoft has no one person or
group to target. The Linux distribution method ensures its survival no
matter what draconian measures MS would use to kill it. It must be
frustrating to MS to be beat by a bunch of kids with a free C compiler.

If Linux were 'owned', we would never have heard of it. The author would
either become quietly rich and the product buried, or the product and the
author would have been quietly buried. Probably the latter and probably in



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>I do... I have Linux on all my PCs...

>I read a report earlier today in which teh president and CEO of M$
>declared that Linux was the #1 threat to the company as they enter the
>new year...

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