NEC Multisync Color JC-1401P3A

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Jan 10 19:40:42 2001

>I just picked up an NEC Multisync Color Monitor model JC-1401P3A at a
>thrift store today for $8.

I believe this is the original Multisync monitor and will do both CGA
and EGA resolutions in digital mode and upt to 640 x 480 in analog
mode. I've also had good luck with that monitor syncing to some
oddball frequencies like the 26.4 khz rate of the TRS-80 Model 2000's
digital output. It should also be a good choice for syncing to the
native Amiga 15 khz analog video modes with the appropriate cable.
Overall, I'd say it is quite a flexible monitor even without the
composite inputs. At one point, the cables to connect it to either
9pin digital CGA/EGA or 15pin VGA were fairly easy to get, but that
was 12-13 years ago. For use with CGA/EGA video input, it should be
a straight-thru DB-9 cable. Definately worth the $8.

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