Nuke Redmond!

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Jan 10 19:45:36 2001

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> >> Spent the day 'upgrading' to Windows ME I assume...
> >
> >If you don't agree with Redmont, I suggest you put your money where your
> >mouth is. We still have a free choice. Use it as long as you can.
> I do... I have Linux on all my PCs...
> I read a report earlier today in which teh president and CEO of M$
> declared that Linux was the #1 threat to the company as they enter
> the new year...
That's certainly true ... OS/2 or whatever it's called these days certainly
isn't a threat. Linux won't be much of a threat until some of the
documentation is brought into synchronization with the software in current
usage. Right now there's about a 5-year gap between the most current
documentation and the software in common useage. This is the result of the
fact that programmers, generally, don't write documentation. Most don't
because they don't like to do that, because they write poorly, and others
don't attempt it because they can't write at all. If you have any question
about that, just look at the code you have to put together in order to build
a Linux system. When we were putting id communications together, we used
several fairly up-to-date and generally accepted as "best-available" comm
modules, and found them to be extremely poorly written, devoid of built-in
documentation that was relevant to the code, and, though quite functional,
obviously impenetrable, largely because the comments were from v0.01 while
the current released version was about v23.42. There's no chance that
anyone will be able to bring documentation for code maintained like that up
to date since it's totally unreadable, and impossible to understand based on
all the misleading and sometimes totally incorrect comments.
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