NEC Multisync Color JC-1401P3A

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Jan 10 22:58:23 2001

> I just picked up an NEC Multisync Color Monitor model JC-1401P3A at a
> thrift store today for $8.
> It has one DA-9 connector on the back, plus a few switches for
> selecting RGB or color depth (I guess?), plus a digital/analog switch.
> I didn't have a chance to test it other than to turn it on and verify
> that it had a raster. I figured for $8 I couldn't go too terribly
> wrong.
> Is this a good all around display for use with different machines? It
> doesn't have any composite input however.
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 This is a great little monitor. I have one as well a several other NEC
multisync models. This was their first multi. They used to supply a 15pin
adaptor cable for it to do VGA. I have the adaptor
hack and a bunch of specs from NECs old page on this model that I could
send you if you like.
 This was in the features file:
Automaticallyscans all frequencies between 15.5 kHz and 35 kHz
Compatiblewith the IBM PC, PC/XT, PC/AT and compatibles.
Compatiblewith the IBM Professional Graphics Adapter (PGA),
    Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA), Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) and
    Video Graphics Array (VGA).
The monitor's wide compatibility makes it possible too upgrade boards
    or software without purchasing a new monitor.
Has a maximum horizontal resolution of 800 dots and a maximum
    vertical resolution of 560 lines.
Offersboth TTL and ANALOG signal inputs, and in the ANALOG mode
    can display an unlimited palette of colors depending on the graphics
    board and software being used.
Featuresa TEXT SWITCH with a choice of seven colors (red, blue,
    green, cyan, yellow, white and magenta) displaying word processing,
    spread sheets, data bases or other software in crisp alphanumeric text
    on a dark-bulb black ground.
Has a 14 inch diagonal display with a 13 inch viewing area.

ciao larry

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