NEC Multisync Color JC-1401P3A

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Jan 11 20:08:42 2001

> >adaptor cable for it to do VGA. I have the adaptor
>>hack and a bunch of specs from NECs old page on this model that I could
>>send you if you like.
>My guess is that quite a few of us on the list could use at least the basic
>info on this monitor, why not just post it, or give a link to it.

Here's NEC's web area for the older discontinued models....quite a
large amount of information is available using the pull-down menus
once you get into the specific monitor's area.

        The pin-outs for the connectors are avialable at this page in
the area (I broke out of the frame to get the exact URL):

        Hope this helps those that are interested.

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