Nuke Redmond!

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Jan 11 23:53:37 2001

I remember this!

It's an example of what people are supposed to do when they work for the
man. They do whatever it takes to benefit the stockholders.

Back in the '70's, the fellow who introduced the world to really effective,
if not environmentally household cleansers, namely "409," learned by some
urreptitious means that Proctor and Gamble (his main competitor) was test
marketing their competing product, also quite new at the time, in, among
other places, Denver. About two weeks before the test was to begin, he
offered a free 1/2-gallon refill bottle along with his normal spray bottle
of 409. The result, off course, was that everybody who used 409, and some
who hadn't yet, bought, and stocked up on, that "free offer" of the extran
6-month supply of 409. Consequently, sales of "Fantastic" were not good at
all, thereby delaying P&G's introduction of their product by a couple of

That's what we pay these senior decision-makers for, folks. They try to
figure out how to get the other guy out of the way. They try to find legal
ways to slit his proverbial, if not literal, throat.

I don't know how seriously one should take this particular writeup, as it's
looking pretty immature to me, like it's pretty bogus, but these youngsters
can't write worth a sh*t these days, so who knows?

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