Nuke Richmond

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Fri Jan 12 11:00:27 2001

On January 12, W.B.(Wim) Hofman wrote:
> Can you expect to say to a housewife : This is a Linux cd. Install it on
> this computer and I expect you to have looked at these Internet sites by
> tomorrow morning? It would have to be some housewife!! Linux needs far to
> much work still to make it fit for the masses.

  I dunno, man. I'm a NetBSD person myself, and not a Linux fanatic,
but I installed DeadRat 6.2 on a machine a few days was
quick and painless, bordering on trivial.

  Problem is, though...It was easier for me because it was going into
an existing network, so all I had to do was assign it an IP address
and be done with it. The average housewife will have to set up PPP,
which adds quite a bit of work.

  In my opinion, based on this latest installation...if someone can
figure out how to build a PPP setup system that's generic enough to be
built into the regular installer, then installing Linux (well, RedHat
Linux specifically, it's the only distribution I've used recently
[except Storm Linux, which I really liked]) really will be as easy and
pedestrian as WinDoze.

         -Dave McGuire
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