Nuke Richmond

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Fri Jan 12 12:21:46 2001

On January 12, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> problem is ... you STILL have to deal with the OS. Moreover, there are few

  You do? Hmm. That's news to me. Unless "dealing with the OS" means
"not reinstalling the OS every time some application blows up".

> "nice-n-easy" applications for doing what's considered "useful work" in most
> environments. What's more, the general trend in the Non-commercial
> (GNU/LINUX/... ) environment seems to be toward "good enough" and not toward
> getting it right.

  Applications are coming. A few are already here. It's taking a
while. How long has the Microsoft world had to develop its
suite of applications?

   -Dave McGuire
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