Nuke Richmond

From: John Foust <>
Date: Fri Jan 12 14:20:10 2001

At 03:08 PM 1/12/01 -0500, John Allain wrote:
>The "Universal Naming Convention" that doesn't work with
> most utilities, including Find, even though the
> documentation states proudly:
> "Supporting the UNC paths when dealing with file names
> is another way for an application to work seamlessly
> in a network environment.

That's what you get for believing the documentation...
and I believe that's a Truth that could be called Classic
in that it's been true for more than ten years. :-)

It's precise: it doesn't say "all apps, including old
DOS apps", it says an app can be made to handle UNCs.

My pet peeve, though, is that Notepad, Wordpad and Telnet
don't understand the simplest keyboard chords such as
cut, paste, CTRL/END, etc., and all the permuted and
perverted methods of command-line usage in Microsoft's
shipping products, which range from CP/M-ish to DEC HELP-ish
to Unix-like to the quaint era of DOS utilities written
by people who were never exposed to Unix.

- John
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