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Date: Fri Jan 12 19:16:32 2001

My OS/2 box routes internet traffic for seven other machines pulling a
total of 770kbps off my cable modem while running this mailer, eight or
more copies of netscape, playing MPEGS off of the internet and burning a
cd all at once. I routinely have uptimes measured in weeks not hours
though since this is also my personal computer in addition to being the
burner and router, I mess with it a lot. Swapping cdrom drives or cards
requires a reboot.....

My point is that OS/2 is everything Microsoft has been saying both Win9x
and NT are combined plus a lot (like a good, stable design). It is easier
to use than any other operating system short of 9x and has a FAR better
GUI than Windows or anything else at all.

I've heard even really smart people (who obviosly had never laid eyes on
OS/2) say that 'it sucks' or other derogotory things. This is mostly FUD
and propoganda from MS, but also, IBM couldn't sell and operating system
if they included a free PC with it.



>And for the most part that's what Windows delivers, albeit sometimes very
>poorly. I can be playing Casino99, listening to Napster tunes, surfing
>the web, checking my e-mail, have a telnet session open, and have Outlook
>Express open, all concurrently. But then when I close down Casino99
>while Napster is playing a tune, Napster crashes. Then it causes other
>shit to go haywire sometimes, resulting in the need to reboot. This is
>on a Dell Dimension 4100. A nice box.

>If I would trade convenience for stability and run Linux instead, I could
>do all these things, only faster, better, and cheaper (in terms of less
>medication for my high blood pressure caused by every Windows reboot).

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